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5 pink manicure designs you may do by yourself. (20 photos)

Why is pink polish a good choice? Pink is a lovely color for many women. We associate this color with femininity. It is the most gentle and girlish shade. The good news is that pink manicure designs are trendy again, and you may pick your favorite tone or pattern. Remember that designs for pink nails should complement your overall look and germane for particular situation or event. If you prefer business attire, for instance, you should prefer pastel and nude pink nails designs. But if go to the party and want to look magnificent and glorious, you may pick neon or bright pink shades.


How to pick the best pink nails designs?

If you love the pink polish and want to use it for your nails, it is important do not make a mistake and pick the correct shade according to your skin type. Pink is a versatile color, but it also can screw up your look.

Sheer pink and creamy blush polish are perfect shades for pale skin. They make it looks healthier and enhance the natural color of your skin. Women who have medium skin tone should pick warm shades of pink, like pinky beige or soft peach, for instance. This polish makes your skin more vibrant and enhances your great skin tone. Women with dark skin can choose a huge variety of pink colors: warm pink shades, bright rosy colors, glossy manicure and more. These colors will highlight a dark skin and make it looks gorgeous.





Now you know what is important when you choose the pink color for a manicure and we offer you some bright and trendy pink nail design ideas.

1.Wavy marble texture.

Wavy marble texture pink nails

2.Floral printsFloral prints

3.Baby pink nail design.


4.Abstract forms and shapes.

Abstract forms and shapes

5.Animal paws.

Animal paws

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