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Nail Art Design ideas for short nails

Mostly, women prefer long nails because they look engaging and charming. Unfortunately, sometimes we can ill afford to have a long manicure. Some women have breakable nails, and some women should follow a strict dress code at work. In any case, don’t get upset about this. There are numerous fascinating nail design ideas for short nails.

Here are some fundamental propositions you should fulfill to provide a proper care for short nails.

  • Use a strengthening mixture and moisturizing cream for your nails.
  • Use sandy manicure tools instead of iron.
  • Apply transparent protective basis before colored nail polish.
  • It is crucial to remove cuticle to elongate your nails.

You may pick favorite manicure from these photos of trendy and elegant nail designs for short nails.

How to create awesome manicure for short nails?

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