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Gel polish nails ideas designs 2017-2018 (photos and video). Gel polish manicure

Holiday manicure ideas


It is a proven fact that an artistic manicure improves our mood and makes us happier. Moreover, you will have a great outfit and highlight your personality. We offer you few significant holiday manicure ideas that you can implement when you visit a party. Shimmering glitter If you want to …

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Black and silver nail designs


Nail art is utterly popular among women and girls. We can impress ourselves with different manicure styles, colors, and decorations. Nail design can be simple and restrained like classic French or nude style, for instance, or it can be vivid, bright and provoking. It depends on our wishes and needs. …

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How to create gorgeous glitter manicure by yourself?


There are so many nail art techniques you may choose to create amazing manicure for any occasion. We offer you to try trendy glitter manicure for winter holidays. In this article, you’ll find two ways of applying glitter on your nails and some striking photos of glitter nail designs. How …

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How to remove glitter nail polish at home


Women love shining and sparkling things, especially when we’re talking about a manicure. Glittery nails look great on each party. Unfortunately, most women don’t apply this type of manicure because they don’t know how to remove sparkle nail polish without a proceeding scraping process. In this article, we will prove …

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