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Half-moon nail design

A half-moon nail design is one of the favored trends in the nail art industry. This manicure is good enough for a party, celebration, official reception or daily use. It depends on which colors, shades and patterns you use. This manicure can be elegant and smart as well as glowing and frivolous. The good news is that you may create this stylish manicure by yourself. It doesn’t require particular abilities or tools.

You need only nail polish, finish coat and paper reinforcements. If you wish to join two colors, you should apply a basement nail polish for a half moon area and wait until it is fully dry. After this, attach one round paper reinforcement that looks like a half moon at the nail bottom and apply another nail polish. Remove the paper, apply finish coat and enjoy your tempting half-moon manicure.


How to create popular half-moon manicure at home? VIDEO

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