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Holiday manicure ideas

It is a proven fact that an artistic manicure improves our mood and makes us happier. Moreover, you will have a great outfit and highlight your personality. We offer you few significant holiday manicure ideas that you can implement when you visit a party.

  1. Shimmering glitter

If you want to have a smart look, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply glitter. We suggest you to use pastel colors for the main nail polish, such as soft pink or lavender and cover it with a glitter top coat, gold or silver for instance.

  1. Vivid matte French

We’re talking not about a combination of pink and white. There are plenty of modern variations that allow you to express yourself and look gorgeous on any party. For example, you may complement a deep green nail polish with a matte black half-moon.

  1. Create oil slick texture

Multi-colored effect is a great choice to look gorgeous and bold. Moreover, you may add some creativity and create an oil slick effect. You need only a makeup sponge. Apply a nail polish to a makeup sponge with a brush, remove excessive polish with a paper and apply it to a nail. Wait a few minutes and repeat it with next color.


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