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How to create gorgeous glitter manicure by yourself?

There are so many nail art techniques you may choose to create amazing manicure for any occasion. We offer you to try trendy glitter manicure for winter holidays. In this article, you’ll find two ways of applying glitter on your nails and some striking photos of glitter nail designs.

How to apply glitter on your nails?

Here are some appliances you need before you start.

  • Base coat;
  • Loose glitter;
  • Nail polish (optionally);
  • Makeup sponge;
  • Top coat.

When you get it all, you may start.

  1. First of all, you should remove any polish remains from your nails and cover them with a base coat. Try to do it carefully to ensure even application of glitter.
  2. If you don’t have a sponge, you may just put your nail inside the bar with glitter. You can remove extra sparkles around your nail with an eyeshadow brush. To achieve even look, press glitter cover with your fingers.

If you have a makeup sponge, there is a neat way to apply glitter. Add some glitter polish on a sponge and put it on your nail. If it seems not enough sparkles, repeat this procedure. It is a good way to apply glitter on any nail polish you pick and achieve a lovely and charming look of your manicure.

  1. When you’re satisfied with your glitter nails, apply a top coat to harden the polish and make it glossier.

create glitter nails

How to create glitter nails photo

Glitter nail designs ideas.

Now you know a simple and efficient way to apply a loose glitter. We offer you some impressive nail art designs, and you may try to create them by yourself. Pink glitter nails are trendy this winter so that you may choose this color.





Pink acrylic nail designs.







Pink acrylic nail designs

Glitter on one nail designs.

Glitter on one nail designs photo2

Glitter on one nail designs

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