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How to design a panda on your nails

A  panda nail design will certainly be  the spotlight and will definitely become a source of you good mood. It is easy to draw a panda on your nails at home.

To make it you will need:

– the basis

– a bottle of white nailpolish

– black nail polish

– fixer

Let’s draw a panda on your nails

  1. Remove the cuticle, clean the nails, polish them, and give the necessary form for the future design.
  2. It is necessary to degrease the nails using nail polish remover, then apply the basis
  3. Try to draw a white circle as careful as possible. The circle must take a half of your nail and finish at its top. If you wish it is possible to make a circle and then fill it with white.
  4.  Next draw panda’s ears, eyes and  nose. We do that with dots sticker help.
  5. Drop a little bit of black nail polish onto the file or a piece of cardboard to get it more comfortable. Draw the necessary detail. After each created feature clean up the dot sticker to make the picture more accurate.
  6. Now make white spots of the irises and black dots of the pupils.
  7. Cover the nails with the fixer. The nail design with panda is ready!


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Panda nail design



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