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How to do ombre nails with cotton balls

If you want to create attractive and magnificent manicure, you don’t need to visit a splendid beauty shop. We offer you a good way to get sophisticated nail design without extra costs. We’re talking about ombre manicure. It looks elegant and tasteful, so it perfectly suits any occasion. If you don’t know how to do ombre nails with cotton balls, just follow our instructions, and you’ll get an excellent result.

What you need:

  • Base coat;
  • Nail polishes (take 2 or 3 nail polishes. It must be few shades of one color);
  • Top coat;
  • Cotton balls (take a triangle makeup sponge for more even applying);
  • Nail polish remover with a paint brush;
  • A small bowl of water;
  • A sheet of paper.


  1. Prepare all needed ingredients. After this, make everything fast to avoid a drying of the nail polishes.
  2. You should take care of your nails, so apply a base coat on them.
  3. Soak your sponge in water and press it up to rid of extra water.
  4. After this, you should apply the line of the dark nail polish. Better do this twice to intense the color.
  5. Then make the same with other nail polishes like on this picture.
  6. Now there are three shades of nail polish on a sponge. You can see a future pattern of your nails. Before applying this coloring, try to do it on a paper. If it looks ok, go to your nail.
  7. Bounce a sponge up and down few times on your nail, and you’ll get a wonderful ombre design!
  8. Reapply nail polishes for each nail and repeat the process.
  9. Clean up extra polish around the nails and cover all nails with a top coat to get a brilliant manicure.

We hope now you know how to do ombre nails with cotton balls or a makeup sponge, and you’ll try this DIY manicure.




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  2. This was so easy to do since it was explained in detail with pictures and words. Thanks

  3. I had hoped that with the title “How to do ombre nails with cotton balls” you might have tips on how to do it with something other than a makeup sponge. There are a thousand other pages and videos explaining the exact same thing and most of them do it more clearly than you do. This article is misleading, disappointing, and ultimately pointless.

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