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How to remove glitter nail polish at home

Women love shining and sparkling things, especially when we’re talking about a manicure. Glittery nails look great on each party. Unfortunately, most women don’t apply this type of manicure because they don’t know how to remove sparkle nail polish without a proceeding scraping process.

In this article, we will prove you that it is so easy to remove this gorgeous nail polish by yourself. There is no need to visit a beauty parlor and pay extra money for this procedure, and you don’t have to damage your nails with a rigid emery board. We are sure that you have all things for gentle and quick sparkle nail polish removing at your home.

If you have sparkling manicure now, and it is time to rid it of, just find next pieces in your home and follow our useful tips. Here are what your need to remove your sparkle nail polish: pure acetone, cotton rounds, aluminum foil and hydrating hand cream.


Step-by-step glitter nail polish removing.

  1. You should pick 100% pure acetone for this procedure without any additions as oil or something else. This liquid lets you achieve the best result in a nail polish removing. We offer you to use cotton rounds instead of cotton balls. Balls don’t absorb excessive acetone so it won’t drip from your nails. You have to soak cotton rounds in acetone and squeeze it a bit if needed.removing-photo-step1
  2. Put these cotton rounds on your nails. Cover the nails tightly with these rounds. After this wrap all your fingers with the foil. Do it very tightly because the foil can slip out easily. Left your hands for 10 minutes.Removing-Glitter-step2
  3. In 10 minutes take off foil and rounds. Your sparkle nail polish will glide off also. If something left on your nails, use an emery board to erase it. Be careful and don’t scratch your nails.
  4. After this procedure apply a hydrating hand cream to moisturize your skin and cuticles. Your hands will look fabulous!

Now you know the simple and quick way to remove any sparkle nail polish without extra efforts. Don’t hesitate and use trendy variations of this manicure, such as ombré, miss pop or French, various bright colors and subtle prints.

Be brave to look gorgeous on any party and sparkle with your beautiful nails because you know that it is so easy to remove it and apply new colors and styles anytime you wish.

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