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Ideas for autumn manicure

With the onset of the first autumn days, the mood, too, says goodbye to summer sunshine and is immersed in the gray rainy days. But do not despair, and quite to fall into sadness, because, as they say, there is no bad weather. And when the clouds swamped the sky, you can please yourself with bright manicure on nails because well-groomed hands with exquisite paintings can not leave indifferent anybody. Autumn manicure of 2015 without a doubt will delight fashionistas color palette, and stylistic techniques of the masters.


The autumn colors for nail Polish

First of all, when it comes to the trendy manicure autumn 2015, is to say about color options in the nail coating. Predominate among them Burgundy, gold, beige, milky tones, and also popular was the color of wet asphaltEach of them has individual shades, half-shades, which can be suitable to any image. Burgundy, bright red, black varnish came into fashion for several seasons ago and continue to lead the ratings of the most successful options for manicure, both are considered classics in this field. Also a good stylistic move, which will allocate such contrast manicure as typical, may be specks of gold that will accentuate very luxury nails. It is considered stylish in this season and making the fingers the gold himself.



For evening events perfect solution would be autumn manicure in the colours of ripe plum. Particularly elegant it will look with splashes of sequins, and reflective particles. Today fashion is considered natural throughout the appearance. Not the exception and nails. To do this autumn nail art using milk and beige palette, which looks very neat and expensive.


How to choose a nail shape

For several seasons the preference is given not very long nails with a natural form of slightly curved plate. This approach continues to be fashionable. But the autumn of 2015 brings another option to cut down notice under manicure.As if that wasn’t unexpected, popular was sharpened shape. Like cats, women with this form of plate, and well-chosen figure, be ideals of sophistication. For those who like other options is to choose a fashionable color for your nails move as the season end 2015 limits as nail shapes and options cover them.






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