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Ideas of nail designing for St Valentine’s day

For St Valentine’s day, which is celebrated every year on 14 February, it is always important to please yourself with something beautiful and romantic, for example, creating a nice nail art in All Lovers’ Day style and that means your manicure should be made in pink or red color and the subject of the nail designing should be hearts, berries, flowers and bows. Though there could be different ideas. Let’s consider some of them.

Nail art design for St Valentine’s Day With Hearts

Someone can think that all these hearts and bows are banal but  St Valentine’s day is traditionally  associated with red and pink shades and so the subject of love and romantic relationships  is strongly linked  with the images of flaming hearts and hearts, burning of love. The pictures which are presented on these photos  are absolutely possible to be made at home and without asking for a professional’s help.



It is possible to make cute manicure for St Valentine’s Day both for short and for long nails, both for round and for square. If you want to emphasize your passionate nature in the manicure for St Valentine’s Day, combine red with black or bright orange colors.  The combination of black and red suggests unbridled nature, while the combination of red and yellow or orange symbolizes the glowing fire of feelings.



While designing it is perfect to combine pink color with white, claret- colored red, lilac or purple. All these colors beneficially complement pink shade and tone with it in a very harmonious way . Designing  your nail art for St Valentine’s day, try to avoid blue and green shades. The blue one symbolizes sorrow and the green one – immaturity.

Classical type of manicure for St Valentine’s day.

It means using one color nail polish of bright, or on the contrary, soft shades. The nails of coral, scarlet or red colors , as much as the colors of burgundy, plum or fuchsia.  From the past tones it is possible to choose cream color, flesh, soft pink or beige.







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