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Manicure with orchids. Step by step instructions

All the women without any exception like maniсure. A lot of the women try to master the art of creating their own incredible designs with pictures on their nails. At first it seems very difficult, but in fact painting a beautiful image on the nails isn’t very complicated. There can be any picture, but delicate and beautiful orchids deserve our special attention. In this article we are going to tell you step by step how to draw orchids on the nails, and propose to watch some training videos and a collection of wonderful photos.

nail art with orchids

A step by  step instruction  of a nail art with orchids

If you can draw even just a little bit, you must try to make this incredible design. For doing this you will need the following tools:

– Nail polishes of soft pink, claret and lilac colors,

– Transparent fixer;

– Green and gold acrylic color;

– a nail dots stick;

– A thin brush for nail designing.

If you have everything you need to, you can start drawing. We are glad to propose you a step-by-step instruction which will be supported by a clear video lesson.

  1. After all standard hygiene procedures and applying the manicure basis cover the nails with two layers of soft pink nail polish.
  2. Wait until the covering is completely dry and start up your picture. You need to draw three basics for the future orchids along the foundation of the nail, stepping back 2 mm from it. For this purpose, with a dots stick help,  make three – pointed stars using claret nail polish and  in the continuation of the line put two points.
  3. Now take the lilac nail polish and draw two petals across each star.
  4. Put a core in the center of every flower using the golden color.
  5. The orchids are nearly finished; just add the leaves and the stems. To make this, plunge a thin brush into the green color and carefully make a line from the first flower to the nail edge. Draw two thorough leaves on the bottom edge. Match the flowers with a thin line – a stem.
  6. It is absolutely necessary to cover the finished picture with polish fixer.



Wonderful delicate orchids are finished. As you can see, it is not difficult at all to draw them. And to make the understanding how to make this magnificent, very feminine manicure clearer, we offer to watch a detailed video, where you will find a step-by- step demonstration of the whole process, described above.

Now you definitely know how to make magnificent manicure with orchids yourself and have seen a collection of photos with luxurious floristic nail arts. In conclusion we would like to offer you to watch one more video, where you will find another, not less interesting, way of nail designing with these tender flowers.





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