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Nail designs ideas 2017-2018. Nail design manicure

How to draw bananas on your nails


For applying a bananas on your nails you will need nail polish of  blue, yellow and black colors, a thin brush and transparent top cover. Let’s take a closer look at the application of the technique Prepare the nails for the manicure – remove the old covering, giving them the …

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Butterfly nail designs


Butterflies are extremely vivid and bright. It is no wonder that their amazing winglets inspired women to create stunning butterfly nail designs. You may also try this technique and form your personal print. You may use numerous colors, shades and tones and create exclusive combinations. Butterfly style is eye-catching and …

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Exciting manicure ideas for a birthday party


Every girl and woman loves her birthday and wants to get a great celebration on this day. Everything has to be perfect, and a queen of the party should be beautiful and stunning. Nail design also must be exciting. It is not so hard to implement. There are numerous pieces …

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Ideas of nail designing for St Valentine’s day


For St Valentine’s day, which is celebrated every year on 14 February, it is always important to please yourself with something beautiful and romantic, for example, creating a nice nail art in All Lovers’ Day style and that means your manicure should be made in pink or red color and …

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