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Nails design for spring

Fashion-mongers follow not only clothes and makeup trends. They also check trendy variations for a manicure. We offer you some nails design for spring 2016 that were taken from the world runways from New-York to Milan.

  1. Taupe base covering for all nails with a sleek and glistening black stripe from up of the nail to the cuticle.
  2. Natural and permanent nail polish. Nude and natural manicure are trendy, and you shouldn’t use coloring at all.
  3. Pastel colors. Simple design is one of the spring trends. You may apply soft pink, sandy or peach nail polish and look gorgeous.
  4. Coloring underneath. Some models on the runways demonstrated pale manicure with the bright pink underneath of each nail.
  5. Oil slick texture with black and metallic coloring. If you opt for a bright manicure, you may combine dark nail polish and metallic. This style looks eye-catching and original.
  6. Metallic emphasizes. This tone is a hot trend. You may use metallic nail polish for one or two nails. Other nails must be pale.
  7. Blue nails with prints. For girls who love vivid colors, designers suggest blue nail polish. Soft blue nails with white patterns look amazing.
  8. Green French. If you adore French manicure and don’t want to look boring, you may create French design with bright green stripes.
  9. Matt black looks great. For those who want to create dramatic spring look, designers offer to use a matt black color. But you should be careful, apply this polish maximum to two nails.

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