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New Year Nails: Best Ideas and Tips

People always wait for the magnificent holiday time. We love to please our friends and relatives with gifts and compliments. Moreover, all women want to have an excellent look. In this case, a manicure is crucial! But New Years Eve nail designs can’t be ordinary. It is a good way to express yourself, use vivid colors, and experiment with your look. Our review will give you a complete guide to nails for New Years 2017, unique ideas, and inspiration to create something extraordinary!


New Years Nail Designs 2017 Trends

We want to start with general rules and tendencies for this kind of manicure. First of all, your hands must be neat. You may use bright colors and decorative elements but anyway everything should look pretty and cute. Don’t forget about the color scheme. You may use various shades of one or few colors. It will look originally but stylishly at the same time.

Remember that New Year nails don’t have strict rules. All is about your preferences and ideas. Try to be original and use special techniques. Thus, you will get plenty of compliments on any holiday party. We offer you to look at the hot tendencies and pick the design you like most of all.


New Years Eve Acrylic Nails

This type of manicure allows you to apply various techniques and use different decorations. But a lot of bright elements and vivid colors will look great on the medium or long nails. If you have short nails, it is better to prefer natural color scheme and don’t use eye-catching décor. You may pick French manicure with New Year elements on it. Or use natural colors with holiday patterns.

If you don’t want to limit your wishes, try one of these designs for bright and breathtaking nails.

New Years Eve Acrylic Nails2-min


Flocking Design for New Year Nails

It is a beautiful manicure that makes your nails look like soft and velvet fabric. Everyone will admire your hands! You may apply various design and New Years nail colors.

Flocking Design for New Year Nails-min

Sandicure Nail Design

This type of manicure is stylish and eye-catching at the same time. You may prefer vivid color combinations or apply natural shades. Anyway, everyone will notice your manicure.

Sandicure Nail Design-min

Feather Decoration for New Year Nails

This manicure is an excellent option for women who want to be different from others. You may show that you know the latest manicure trends and don’t afraid to try unique techniques. Such design requires excellent skills so that you should find a specialist who will do this perfectly.

Sandicure Nail Design2-min

Nail Prints for New Year Manicure

It is a popular design, but at the same time, it is simple to create it by yourself. You may combine various colors and create topical pictures on your nails. Draw classic snowflakes or Christmas trees. It doesn’t require extra efforts but looks stylish.

Nail Prints for New Year Manicure2-min

Nail Prints for New Year Manicure-min

Cat Eye Manicure for New Year Eve

This design is very popular. You should pick a gel with the cat eye effect to have an exclusive look. You don’t have to apply additional decorative elements because it looks great without extra features.

Cat Eye Manicure for New Year Eve-min

Cat Eye Manicure for New Year Eve2-min

It’s All about Glitter!

We’ve highlighted a lot of trendy nail designs, but we shouldn’t forget about such festive and impressive décor element as glitter. It always looks to the point on any party. No matter, if you have short or long nails, oval or almond-shaped nails, the glitter will look great. But don’t go overboard with it. Apply this element carefully if you want to be stylish and provocative not raffish. Try one of the following manicure designs to be trendy and elegant.

No matter what kind of New Year Eve nail designs you will choose your mood is the most important thing is your mood. Be creative, express your feelings, and have an admirable look!

It’s All about Glitter-min

It’s All about Glitter2-min


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