Holiday manicure ideas


It is a proven fact that an artistic manicure improves our mood and makes us happier. Moreover, you will have a great outfit and highlight your personality. We offer you few significant holiday manicure ideas that you can implement when you visit a party. Shimmering glitter If you want to …

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How to do ombre nails with cotton balls

ombre-nails 2016

If you want to create attractive and magnificent manicure, you don’t need to visit a splendid beauty shop. We offer you a good way to get sophisticated nail design without extra costs. We’re talking about ombre manicure. It looks elegant and tasteful, so it perfectly suits any occasion. If you …

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Blue cheetah print nails


Cheetah nail design is very popular because it looks well and adorns your nails. Blue cheetah print nails are perfect to highlight your manicure and create a little bit wild mood. There are so many patterns and color combinations you may pick for your brilliant cheetah manicure. For example, you …

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Pink cheetah print nails

Pink cheetah image

If you look for a girly and feminine manicure, pink nail polish is one of the cutest and most beloved choices. Moreover, if you wish to accomplish a trendy and stylish look, you may pick an extremely popular pink cheetah print nails. This manicure style is easy to implement at …

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Red cheetah print nails

Red cheetah nail

One of the most popular and favored nail designs is a cheetah print for nails. This style lets you highlight your nails, add some personality to your outlook and emphasize your character. If you want to achieve a sexy and passionate look, you may get far and create red cheetah …

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Cheetah print nail art

patriotic cheetah nail art

If you want to create a good looking and fun manicure, cheetah print nail art is an excellent choice. It is easy to complete this style at home. You don’t need specific tools and high skills to create cheetah nail art designs by yourself.  No matter, if you have short …

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