Tiger print nail design

Sometimes we have a special mood and want to express ourselves. We try bright and unusual outfit or create a showy hairstyle. We can do the same with our manicure. So if you want to go a little wild and aggressive, you may pick tiger print nails. There are other …

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Zebra print nail design


Why should you try zebra stripes nails? Neat and pretty manicure always looks gorgeous. If you want something special, you may pick a peculiar style, such as zebra print nail design, for instance. Your nails will look charming and eye-catching at the same time. There is a wide range of …

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How to draw bananas on your nails


For applying a bananas on your nails you will need nail polish of  blue, yellow and black colors, a thin brush and transparent top cover. Let’s take a closer look at the application of the technique Prepare the nails for the manicure – remove the old covering, giving them the …

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How to design a panda on your nails

A  panda nail design will certainly be  the spotlight and will definitely become a source of you good mood. It is easy to draw a panda on your nails at home. To make it you will need: – the basis – a bottle of white nailpolish – black nail polish …

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How to make snowflakes on the nails


To draw snowflakes on the nails with an ordinary needle is the simplest way to get  some New Year spirit. But this way demands to be skilled in certain way. So, how to draw snowflakes on your nails at home correctly. Degrease the nail surface using the nail polish remover …

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Butterfly nail designs


Butterflies are extremely vivid and bright. It is no wonder that their amazing winglets inspired women to create stunning butterfly nail designs. You may also try this technique and form your personal print. You may use numerous colors, shades and tones and create exclusive combinations. Butterfly style is eye-catching and …

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