Black and silver nail designs


Nail art is utterly popular among women and girls. We can impress ourselves with different manicure styles, colors, and decorations. Nail design can be simple and restrained like classic French or nude style, for instance, or it can be vivid, bright and provoking. It depends on our wishes and needs. …

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Exciting manicure ideas for a birthday party


Every girl and woman loves her birthday and wants to get a great celebration on this day. Everything has to be perfect, and a queen of the party should be beautiful and stunning. Nail design also must be exciting. It is not so hard to implement. There are numerous pieces …

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Nail Art Design ideas for short nails


Mostly, women prefer long nails because they look engaging and charming. Unfortunately, sometimes we can ill afford to have a long manicure. Some women have breakable nails, and some women should follow a strict dress code at work. In any case, don’t get upset about this. There are numerous fascinating …

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Half-moon nail design


A half-moon nail design is one of the favored trends in the nail art industry. This manicure is good enough for a party, celebration, official reception or daily use. It depends on which colors, shades and patterns you use. This manicure can be elegant and smart as well as glowing …

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Blue nail designs


It is thought that blue is a masculine color, but women also love it very much. It is magnificent shade for eye shadows or nail polish. There are so many tones and shades of blue that let you create fantastic combinations and prints for your blue nail designs. If you …

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Simple flower nail designs


Floral manicure is so popular among the girls because it looks womanish, gentle and pretty. There are so many flower nail designs ideas you may pick for your nails. Inspired by natural themes, you may use your imagination and create awesome floral prints. We offer you some simple flower nail …

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