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Simple nail designs for short nails ideas

Ballerina Nail Designs

Ballerina Acrylic Nails

This type of manicure is not a new trend, but it is extremely popular among women around the globe. So why is it called ballerina nails? This name appeared because of the particular nail shape. It looks like a ballet slipper. This kind of manicure has a lot of advantages. …

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New Year Nails: Best Ideas and Tips

Nail Prints for New Year Manicure-min

People always wait for the magnificent holiday time. We love to please our friends and relatives with gifts and compliments. Moreover, all women want to have an excellent look. In this case, a manicure is crucial! But New Years Eve nail designs can’t be ordinary. It is a good way …

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Short acrylic nails designs

pink with gold glitter nails

Acrylic nails always look excellent. No matter, you prefer short or long nails. Short nails have some advantages. This manicure looks pretty, neat and at the same time elegant and restrained. Short nail design is perfect for office work, business events, and everyday use. If you think that this kind …

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Nail Art Design ideas for short nails


Mostly, women prefer long nails because they look engaging and charming. Unfortunately, sometimes we can ill afford to have a long manicure. Some women have breakable nails, and some women should follow a strict dress code at work. In any case, don’t get upset about this. There are numerous fascinating …

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