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Simple flower nail designs

Floral manicure is so popular among the girls because it looks womanish, gentle and pretty. There are so many flower nail designs ideas you may pick for your nails. Inspired by natural themes, you may use your imagination and create awesome floral prints. We offer you some simple flower nail designs that are easy to implement at home. To make one of these manicures, you need only a base coat, top coat, few nail polishes and few brushes. You may combine different colors and shades to create your own floral patterns. Moreover, you may complement them with other geometric figures or pics. So, watch these astonishing photos with flower nail designs and pick your favorite style.

Flower nail designs (photos)




flower nails






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  1. Pastel colors are ideal for spring. You can choose from pallet of plenty pretty soft colors that can look gorgeous on your nails.

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