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Tiger print nail design

Sometimes we have a special mood and want to express ourselves. We try bright and unusual outfit or create a showy hairstyle. We can do the same with our manicure. So if you want to go a little wild and aggressive, you may pick tiger print nails. There are other wild print variations, like leopard or zebra print, for instance. According to your preferences, you may change your animal manicure.

How to create a tiger print nail design?

If you want to do this manicure at home, and you aren’t experienced in this field, we have good news for you. There is no one correct way to create this design, so you may experiment, even if you are a newcomer. There are various ways to apply a nail art designs tiger print. You may create a horizontal or diagonal pattern, for instance. You may use vivid or muted colors and shades. You may also combine tiger print with other bright or glitter colors.

To get an awesome look of your tiger nails, you should apply a base coat and two coats of orange polish. After this, take an extra thin brush and begin to apply black strips. Do this toward the middle and alternate thick and tiny lines. At the end, cover your nails with a top coat.

On these pictures, you may find few stylish and chic tiger print nails ideas.


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